Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Program for the 2017 Chinese garden history conference

Yuyuan garden, Shanghai. Credits: Gu Liyuan

The provisional programme of our 26-7th October 2017 Chinese garden history conference in Sheffield is now available!

This event is organised jointly by the Gardens Trust and the Landscape Department in the University of Sheffield. Sponsors to be announced shortly.

Tickets are on sale from March 1st, follow the link here.

New Research on the History of Chinese Gardens and Landscapes

DAY ONE: Thursday 26 October 2017

10.00-10.25      Registration
Chair: Dr Jan Woudstra, University of Sheffield
10.25               Welcome
10.30                Dr Alison Hardie, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK
                        Chinese Garden and Landscape Studies in the 21st Century

11.00                 Dr Lei Gao, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, As, Norway
The concept of Paradise in Chinese Buddhism and its interpretation in designed landscape in Qianglong era (1736-1795)

11.30                TEA/COFFEE
12.00                Xiaoyan Hu, PhD candidate, Liverpool University, UK 
The dialectic aesthetics of Xu (emptiness) and Shi (fullness) in Chinese landscape art (landscape painting, landscape poetry, gardening) from the Six Dynasties

12.30                Questions and discussion
13.00                LUNCH

Chair: Josepha Richard, PhD Candidate, University of Sheffield
14.00                Dr Antonio José Mezcua López, Granada University, Spain
Hangzhou’s West Lake Research Proposal: The Song Dynasty (960-1279)

14.30                Professor Carol Brash, St John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA.  Canonizing the Garden of Solitary Delight (Dule Yuan)
15.00                TEA/COFFEE
15.30                Dr Kate Bailey and Charlotte Brooks, Royal Horticultural Society, London, UK
The RHS Reeves collection of Chinese botanical watercolours: a story of people and plants in China and Britain in the early nineteenth century

16.00               Dr Lianming Wang, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg. 
Fountains and Jesuit Water Landscapes in eighteenth-century Beijing

16.30                Questions and discussion
17.00                CLOSE
Evening:          Conference Chinese dinner

DAY TWO: Friday 27 October 2017

Chair: Dr Alison Hardie Honorary Research Fellow, University of Leeds
09.55               Welcome
10.00                Dr Stephen Whiteman, University of Sydney, Australia. 
Post-histories and past formations in a Qing garden

10.30                Josepha Richard, PhD candidate, University of Sheffield, UK
East-West encounters in the Cantonese garden

11.00                COFFEE
11.30                 Youcao Ren, PhD candidate, University of Sheffield, UK 
FengShui Landscapes in the late Qing Royal Garden Design

12.00                Questions and discussion
12.30                LUNCH

Chair: Dr Sally Jeffery, The Gardens Trust
13.30                Zhang Yichi, PhD candidate, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.
From Decoration to Necessity: the functions of Public Parks in the British Concessions of China, 1842-1937

14.00               Yuanyuan Liu, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, UK
The Modernisation of the Traditional Space during the Chinese Park Movement: Case Study of Xuanwu Lake in Najing, 1928-1949

14.30                TEA/COFFEE
15.00                Professor William Callahan, London School of Economics, London, UK. 
Cultivating Power: Chinese gardens as sites of diplomacy, war and peace

15.30                Questions and discussion
16.00                CLOSE

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